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How should I furnish my walls?

I asked my Blog Envy readers what they’d like to see feature in future posts, and it was great to see such a wide range of responses. Every suggestion has been added to my little Envy notebook and will be covered over the next couple of months, so just watch this space!

The theme of this week’s blog is based on an idea put forward by Breanne, a Canadian reader who is looking for some guidance with wall furnishings, where to apply them and how to strike a balance…


A single statement piece

If you have a beautiful piece of art, or a special framed photograph, then do it justice! Let it command full attention by standing alone as a focal point in the room. With empty wall surrounding it, your special picture will be able to stand strong as the main feature and make for an excellent conversation piece.

Personally, I think this approach works best with larger images, so if you’re not sure your chosen picture is big enough for the space then consider getting an oversized frame with a large mount to create a greater impact.


Formal grouping

If you just can’t decide which photo is your favourite, why not have a selection of your favourite snaps printed and hang them together? This is a slightly more formal method of displaying images, but it’s ideal if you’re a little short on wall space. It works especially well if there’s a common link between the picures, like the subject or colour scheme.


Create a display

Remember, wall furnishings are not just limited to mirrors and photos. It’s your house, do things your way. Nature and travel are strong themes here, and with the use of just a couple of shelves and a few hooks, the owner’s hobbies and personality have been allowed to really shine through.

So if you have some beautiful objects collected from your last special holiday, and some photos of the breathtaking scenery that bring back wonderful memories, then why not present them on your wall in your own personal holiday themed display.


On the surface

For those who are renting, or perhaps just not that keen on DIY, make the most of the flat surfaces around your home and use them as a base to lean a statement piece of artwork. No drilling, no mess, no fuss. A little tip though – double-check that the frame you’ve chosen won’t go leaving any marks on the wall!

If your chosen piece is a bit heavy, just put a small ornament in front of it to help keep it in place – this is both functional and helps in creating a beautiful display.


Step by step

When you’re accessorising a wall, consider the shapes and lines that surround the area. Reflecting the overall frame of the area you’re decorating will help create visual balance. For example, this image shows how pictures can be positioned to mirror the changing levels of the steps below them.

Visually, it works on so many levels (pun intended!).


Symmetry and balance

“I would claim that symmetry represents order, and we crave order in this strange universe we find ourselves in” – a quote from physicist Alan Lightman. So for those who like a bit of calm in their lives, symmetry is definitely the way to go. Two pieces of artwork positioned centrally, with reflecting images bring a strong sense of peace and balance to the room.


It’s all a matter of scale

I created this 3D Visualisation of a gorgeous master bedroom for one of my Envy Interior Design clients. It demonstrates how the scale of a photograph, or piece of art, can be perfectly matched to the wall on which it’s displayed. Even though two images of completely different sizes are positioned next to each other, the overall result is pleasing to the eye because they correspond with the scale of the wall on which they hang.


Group images together

Pictures are actually a great tool for creating ‘zones’ within your home, as the image above demonstrates. Prints of various sizes have been grouped together above the desk to help define this area of the room.

This is a really useful and inexpensive approach to take in open plan homes, where different zones can sometimes be difficult to mark out.


Busy busy!

Well, for this wall it really is a case of ‘all or nothing’. It’s a perfect example of how an eclectic mix of shapes, frames and finishes can be combined to create a fantastic overall look. The key here was the use of a lovely calm colour scheme, which is consistent throughout. Every image is complimentary to the scheme, and they have each been beautifully positioned to create a relaxed vibe.

I especially love the round metallic plant pots in this scene, which provide a welcome break from the straight edges and harsh corners of the shelves and frames that surround them.


Think outside the box

Your print doesn’t have to be hung in the middle of a wall to look fabulous. There is more to striking a balance than being perfectly central! This collection of ‘cheer’ themed items show that positioning your display in line with other key features in the room, such as a headboard, can create a naturally defined focal point with which to draw the eye.

The overall effect is so bold, yet so simple.


Keeping it on the DL

It’s natural to want to hang images on the wall at eye level, but with a little bit of planning you can mix things up a bit by hanging artwork, lights and clocks at varying levels, creating a really fun and dynamic look.

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