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The most fabulous unicorn accessories you simply must have in your home

Unicorns. They’re everywhere. There is no escaping them! Trust me, I’ve tried. But if like me you have a young daughter, you’ll know that unicorns are the hottest trend right now. 

Like it or not it looks as though unicorns here to stay. So all I can say is if you can’t beat ’em, join’ em…


Jewellery dish

If you think unicorn home accessories are just for kids, then think again!  This gorgeous jewellery dish proves that unicorns can provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.  With the added bonus that it can be personalised with lettering in your choice of colour, I think this particular unicorn would make the perfect gift for someone special.


Wall mural

If rose gold and pretty pinks aren’t really your thing, then check out this incredible new take on the traditional unicorn silhouette.  This vibrant wall mural is utterly fascinating from the tip of its horn to the end of its tail.  Just imagine this colourful unicorn in your hallway – it would make one heck of a statement and a real talking point for guests!


Door stop

This glamorous little character is not just there to look good, he’s functional too – he’s a unicorn door stop.  Surely an essential for every home?!



Now what young unicorn fan wouldn’t love to have this picture hung on her bedroom wall?!  This eye-catching watercolour image is actually a poster made out of metal, giving it a fun and modern edge.  It’s available in three different sizes and you can even select your preferred finish and frame.


Light shade

At first glance this may look like any other tripod lamp with a floral shade, but take a closer look and you’ll spot some beautiful pink and white unicorns dancing amongst the leaves. This lamp has a bit of a grown-up feel to it, with its stunning navy blue backdrop and vintage style flowers.  I think it’d make a fabulous statement in an early teen’s bedroom.



As if unicorns aren’t beautiful enough as they are, this one has been adorned with pretty flowers, long lashes and rosy red cheeks.  Again, I love the personalisation – always a winner if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift.  This cushion by Amy Lucy Designs would look just fabulous in a young person’s reading corner… or even a secret unicorn hideout!

You can purchase this cushion and check out more of Amy Lucy’s gorgeous products via her online shop here.


Wall decal

This unicorn wall art has no time to waste on sweet little flowers and a silky mane.  It’s a strong, geometric statement piece and I love this mature twist on the traditional unicorn style.  If you like this design but are looking for something a little softer, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s available in a wide range of colours for you to choose from.

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